Freelance Artist

Born on May 3rd 1964 in St.Johann i. Pg. / Austria


Technical college for Textiles / Salzburg
Scholarship of the summer academy Salzburg * Fresco Painting


University of Textile Design in Graz


Berlin/Freelance Painting
Internship Carpentry & Restoration

since 1988

Freelancer at Cartoon-Film in Berlin/ animation production
Freelance Painting, Illustrations, Carpentry, Restoration

Directing for the "Tanztheater B Aßhoff", performances in Berlin (1991/92) Various children's books illustrations
Participation in the IV.Biennale dell 'Umorismo, Italy
Idea & design for the pilot film "Feodor" / Cartoon-Film
Painting exhibition in the Café Goldschmidt, Berlin (1993)
Painting exhibition /Artothek Paderborn (1994)
Preparations for the animated series "Feodor" / Cartoon-Film (1995)
Painting exhibition / Paderborn (1996)
Children`s books illustrations /Falken-Verlag (1997)
Directing and Art Directing for animated series "Feodor"
26x5 min, for ZDF) / Cartoon-Film (1997/98)
Book from Film "Feodor" / Baumhaus-Verlag
Various illustrations for the Falken-Verlag (1998/99)
Painting exhibition / Goldsmith Workshop Ole Bergmann, Berlin (2000)

since 2000

Freelance Painting, Illustrations, Carpentry, Restoration
Painting and Drawing classes, workshops

Illustrations for various publishing companies (2000-2009)
animation/character Design, special effects for Cartoon-Film, feature film production (f.e. "The Little Polar Bear I & II", Laura`s star etc.)(2000/2003)
Various Painting Exhibitions - Artist`s studio (2000-2009)
Cabinetry and objects (wood) (2003/2005)
Various illustrations for the Beltz-Verlag (2005-2009)
Teaching - Drawing and Painting lessons, workshops (2008/2009)
Comic AG for schoolchildren (2008/2009)
Drawing and Alexander-Technik, workshop (2009)
Paining and Alexander-Technik, workshop (2009)
Posters, Portraits, Paintings, Illustrations (2009)
Painting exhibition, Amtsgericht Tiergarten (2009)

My offers

Painting, Drawing, Illustration, Portrait, Objects, Restoration - on request

Painting and Drawing - workshops
Painting and Drawing - private lessons

Special Offer: "Lease a Painting" - to lease * to change * to buy

Lease it for a certain time and then its yours or you take another. Just call me to fix an appointment or arrange our special terms.

Curriculum Vitae